Fido Vato

Latif Ramadhan Topiwala born 23rd June 1983, better known as “Fido Vato” is a Tanzanian HipHop & Ragga Dancehall Singer, Film actor, Dirt Biker & entrepreneur.  He is the CEO of “Vatoloco Soldiers” found in 2009 and has been recognized as one of the industrys most controversial, influential, prolific and skilled HipHop and Dancehall performer in Arusha East Africa.


Sisi Hapa aft Geez Mabovu (Produced by Grandmaster)

Gangster ft Lavosti & Bounako (Produced by Noizmekah)

Biz za Machiz (Produced by Noizmekah)

Namshukuru Mungu ft Chalii mtoto wa Bibi (Produced by Wanene & Noizmekah)

Ololoo ft Dipper Rato (Produced by Wanene & Noizmekah)

On the Beat Cypher x Dipper Rato (Produced by Grandmaster)

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