Mum jailed for hiding her kids from their dad for more than two years

“Now I’m paying the price for doing what any loving parent would do for their children, protect them from harm,” the letter stated.In November 2014, a Brisbane court ordered an eight-year-old girl, who had lived with her mother since her parents separated when she was 13 months, to live with her father.Changing the child’s primary carer from the mother to the father was the only way the girl could have a meaningful relationship with both parents, Judge Evelyn Bender decided.The mother had for years interfered with her daughter’s court-ordered time with her father, who did not see his child for months at a time.“The mother tells (the child) that her father is going to take her away and not allow her to ever see her mother again,” Judge Bender said.The anxious little girl had told a Court family consultant it was her dream to be able to “love Mummy and Daddy at the same time”.