Wizkid romantic life


It was the year 2011 and the new pop sensation Wizkid was in a reported relationship with Nollywood’s bad girl Tonto Dikeh.
This time Wizkid was the boy wonder of the Nigerian pop scene with his street oriented and melodic tunes. His debut album ‘Superstar’ was a runaway smash and his songs were anthems nationwide. The only thing that Wizkid was missing was a hot babe on his arm.
Wizkid dropped his debut album, ‘Superstar’ was released in 2011. play

Wizkid dropped his debut album, ‘Superstar’ was released in 2011. (Press)

A year before Wizkid stepped on the red carpet with his on/off girlfriend Tania Omotayo, the diminutive pop star was in a hidden relationship with Tonto Dikeh. There were no public appearances, no tweets of affection and #baegoal selfies. All we i.e the fans heard, were strong rumours that the bad babe of Nollywood was in a low key love affair with Wizkid.
Tonto Dikeh play
Tonto Dikeh

Any record of Wizkid and Tonto Dikeh dating on the Internet is rare or rarely exists. It seems both parties did their best to keep things away from the public.

Five years ago, Twitter was a novelty and Instagram wasn’t even popping. Nigerian celebrities weren’t really showing off their significant others online. Social media was still a new animal that they had not yet understood.

It’s because of this that Wizkid and Tonto Dike’s love (or lust?) affair feels like the stuff legends. It has a myth-like quality- a story that we have heard but there is little evidence backing it up. In the storied love affair it was rumoured that Tonto Dike even bought Wizkid a car which he later lost to robbers.

Those in the know however confirm that there was a sizzling romance between the two celebrities. Yes Tonto Dikeh had an affair with Wizkid even though till today both of them have never confirmed this story.

The only time Wizkid made any type of contact with Tonto Dike on Twitter was when he subbed her on October 17, 2012. On this day Tonto Dikeh released her debut singles ‘Hi’ and ‘Itzova’ and got dragged by Nigerians on Twitter. Wizkid took part in the dragging when he tweeted “Shawty needs to chill…lol”

By the time Wizkid tweeted this the relationship was over. He would go on to greater heights (and the hottest relationship out there have two baby mamas) and Tonto Dike would continue her bad streak until she found the love of her life and settled down.

Today the Wizkid-Tonto Dike’s love story is a relic of the past but in 2011 it was even though it was low profile.