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Afreeka from Kenya based in Italy have perfomed together since 1999.They felt destined in a music career.They chose the name ”AFREEKA” in 2007 after a series of perfomances on a tour in Italy.Afreeka is greatly influenced by Jamaican artists and also great African musicians. Afreeka opened for and raised conciousness during perfomances with General Levy,Mykal Roseand Gentleman,Festa te le mieru (Carpigano salentino) and Festa di birra (Torcito Grounds). This led to their two songs ‘More love’ and ‘Back to Africa’ on a mixed cd compilation ‘Piu amore’ in 2008 and ‘voce della Drago’ in 2009. In june 2010 they released there album ‘Summer Jamming which consisted of 10 songs; 1.summer jamming 2.African children 3.Toscanini 4.Yaweh 5.Lala salama 6.What we are 7. Dinga ling 8. Sweet love 9. Jah Jah 10. Yaweh (dub) 2011 Afreeka track ”Sista love’ appeared on a mixed cd ”Intl. Women of reggae cd 3 tracks released to radio worldwide July 1st Dennis Brown anniversary of passing,August released in full to Tunecore online stores. Radio: Their songs Dinga ling,African children,Jah Jah summer jamming,Toscanini recieved airplay on radio Potenza and Contoradio (Firenze) Jam1online radio,Quality radio,Englis, pound radio,Reggaewave radio,Rcokers corner radio,Afriradio. On the 22nd Oct 2011 Afreeka perfomed in Firenze Italy at ‘Music Dei Popoli Afro contest‘ a festival for foreign artist living in Italy to showcase their talents and a concert in Frankfurt(Germany) in celebration of Kenyas indipendence day(Jamhuri day) on the 3rd of Dec. Other single releases: 1.Here I am baby 2.Dema wicked 3.He raised me 4.Mama Afreeka is working on a new single soon to be released in October 2016.It features a new sound constiting of the same message which has been prevailant in Afreeka’s lyrical content.
I developed a love for music from way back when I was still alittle kid,i remember constructing drum sets from tins and plastic containers with my lil bro and our first group that i co founded was called young mushrooms,which consisted of me my brotther louis,billy mwangura,moses gandi and his elder bother charles mtsumi. this group of kids was seriously into music,so one day i faced my dad TEDDY KALANDA and asked him if they would give us a chance to perform with them to which he agreed,so we started practising with real instruments and for sure the newyear of 85/86 we got to perform while THEM MUSHROOMS took a breather we rocked the crowd of tourists many of which couldnt believe that such little kids could make music that made them dance like crazy.later on as i grew older i co founded another group that was called BLACK REVOLUTION still with some of my friends namely BILLY and MOSES with new members LEROY,FREDDY,the late KEN BUZA and TWAHA a good friend.we got to play one unforgettable gig at the whitesands hotel,after which due schooling some members had to stop playing so as to continue with school,so i was left with the late KEN BUZA at which about that time my dad came with the idea of forming a group so me and ken headed to nairobi where with the help of my dad and THEM MUSHROOMS launched the group NETWORK AFRICA whereby we recorded one album and did some videos too courtesy of THEM MUSHROOMS SOUND LAB,the group lasted about two years when we decided to head back to mombasa there we joined the group KALOWHIZZ with LEROY as the drummer, we did like two years and later on formed what i would like to call the dreamband because it consisted of ME,the late KEN BUZA,LEROY BAKERO,LOUIS HARRISON,BILLY MWANGURA AND MOSES GANDI. the band was called THE BANTUS,we played for a couple of years before disbanding and joining MANDINGO BAND where we played for about six years more till the time we decided to head to nairobi of which the manager of the group mr.TEDDY KALANDA decided to rename the group BIG MATATA which consisted of ME,LOUIS,LEROY,WALTER and GANDI later on REMMY joined the group and while on a tour of abu dhabi ANNA (LIONESS) officially joined the group we played for some years till the european tour of italy where we did like two years before ME (BIG CAT) AND (LIONESS) decided to call our new group AFREEKA.
LIONESS Born in Mombasa,Kenya 1975.Since her youth she was involved in church choir and school musical activites thus making her a second best soloist in 1991 during the national drama festivals.lioness never stopped achieving her dream of becoming a singer.she sang live in different occasions with friendly band groups.In 1999,she relocated to nairobi,kenya for greener pastures.By the year 2000 ,she was fortunate to join one of the leading band in kenya called BIG MATATA which gained her great experience for live perfomance.she toured with the group during thier concerts.she then released her album called TULIZA BOLI,which got a positive response on the kenyan local music scene.It was when Lioness took a trip to a nieghbouring country ”Djibouti” for a series of concerts where her passion for working with children arose.After seeing the children in Djibouti,how they lived and fed themselves from the gabbage in the streets.Lioness felt so sorry for the lives of these children.Lioness shared her food with the children.Immediatley on her return to Kenya She released her single ”Maisha Yao” which means ”Their lives”;which can be found on Youtube Now based in Lecce,Italy,lioness is still on the rise.She already won a local singing talent show in carpignao salentino,lecce [2008] which gained her popularity amongst the residents.Lioness is working on her afro-fusion album which brings out another side of her,the true love of her cultural background where she grew up in mombasa,kenya.Lioness also is communicating with alot of associations to build a relationship which will be helpfull for the children in Africa.

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